Garnet is a gem fusion of Ruby and Sapphire. She is there love, their strength, there combined thoughts and personalities.


Garnet's abilities

Weapon: Gaunlets 

Stretches its body parts

Future Vision, 

Shape shifting

Using Gaunlets in different ways

Garnet is the leader of the crystal gems 


Before Garnet, There were three ruby guards and a sapphire who could see in the future. Sapphire had to visit Blue Diamond to tell her when the rebels shall approach, sapphire says," The rebels shall be here shortly and they shall poof two of my ruby guards along woth myself. Blue Diamond speaks," Thank you Sapphire". Sapphire says," I shall report back to you back on homeworld when I re appear. As sapphire left pearl and Rose Quartz appears as she predicted and pearl uses her double swords and slashes her two ruby guards. The last ruby saw pearl preparing to strike sapphire, ruby knew that sapphire none her fate but ruby couldn't accept it. Ruby rushed in and grabbed sapphire, as they twirled in the motion they formed into a light and formed Garnet. Then the rebels departed from the scene. 


This version of garnet was more of a cotton candy type

The other gems surround the irregular fusion due to the fact that fusion supposed to be fused by the same gem. They unfused and the crowd kept getting closer and closer, sapphire then grabs ruby and runs off the Gem Colony and goes falling Into the forest. Ruby says,"WHAT ARE YOU DOING I HAVE TO GET YOU BACK UP THERE!!". Sapphire was confused and scared she didn't now what to do. Sapphire then says calmly," we are better off this way", she then sings and grabs ruby hand. As they hold hands they dance while singing and then there bodies glow again and make Garnet. As they walked in there new form garnet then falls and encounters rose and Pearl again. Garnet says," ahhhh!!! I'm sorry we didn't mean to fuse, well this time we did but we will unfuse". Rose Then declines and says," no stay like this, this is your love as long as sapphire and ruby loves then your fusion will stabilize.


Garnet then joins the rebels in there never ending struggle against the diaminds


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